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[Friday's Leafs Links] Kadri Suspended 3 Games

Brendan Shanahan called things about right.

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Hannah Foslien

It's not that I wanted Nazem Kadri to be suspended - heck, he's my favourite player on this team. But if I'm being really honest about the situation, I think he totally deserved it. It'd be nice if the league were more consistent about this kind of call (glares at Brian Gionta), but two wrongs don't make a right, and Kadri needs to be aware of where his is on the ice. Just like Zdeno Chara was when he rode Max Pacioretty into the stanchion. Or Milan Lucic, when he nearly murdered Ryan Miller. Anyway.

The Leafs face Buffalo tonight with what has to be the most depleted set of centres in the entire league. Fortunately for them, they're facing Buffalo, so things could be worse.

Jeff Veillette's take on Kadri's suspension

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Hope In The Big Smoke is centre shopping

Can't blame him

Lupul hopes he's in the conversation for Team Canada

He isn't, but he's looked great

Hard not to be pleased with the Leafs' record

But are we pleased with their play? The latest from VLM.