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[LL] Tonight's Matchup: Perd is the Word

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The Leafs face off against the Predators tonight, and with Kadri back into the lineup, are starting to look whole again. Coverage starts at 7 PM EST. Leafs fans should expect to see Reimer in the pipes, but I have no idea who the Preds' starting goalie is, except that he's running hot, so that's bad.

Puck Daddy has put up some great coverage of last night's highlights, so here you go:

Devils come back to beat Ducks thanks to overtime own goal
Own goals are funny - as long as they aren't against your team.

Reto Berra robs Jack Johnson with gorgeous bicycle kick save
Crazy save.

Unknown Player sets up Kyle Turris with assist of the season candidate
Watch it, but don't read the nameplate.

Hockey Hugs

Mike Richards is still helping Claude Giroux, the Flyers - Broad Street Hockey
Wow, it's almost like fan and media perception of leadership doesn't really reflect leadership abilities. Who would've thought?