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Tuesday Leafs Links

Last night's Leafs enacted their interpretation of the word 'defecation', but CBC's new broadcasting deal is the biggest hockey news of the day.

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Update: Here is the official press release about the new Canadian TV deal with Rogers. Get used to Nick Kypreos everyone, because Rogers now owns pretty much all hockey aired in Canada. Actually, let's hope SNO replaces him with a few TSN defections.

CBC closing in on a deal to keep Hockey Night In Canada

I know that in recent years their on-air analysis has left a lot to be desired, but HNIC is much bigger than Glen Healy and a few other talking heads. Glad to hear they'll keep it going, even if changes need to be made.

Update: CBC won't be showing any Leafs games on Saturdays anymore. HNIC as we know it is gone.

TSN to lose hockey coverage

ESPN's Canadian arm will not broadcast any live games as of next season, and it looks like Rogers reaps the benefits. Naturally, it was Bob McKenzie who broke the news, and the link is simply to his twitter feed, which (as usual) is worth going through.

Correction: TSN will still have localized broadcasts of Jets and Habs games, but that's all.

Awful Announcing: CBC & Sportsnet may have combined to oust TSN from NHL rights

Yes, they have. The article brings up an excellent point though: CBC and Sportsnet should be doing all in their power to poach some of the top broadcasting talent (back) from TSN.

Recap: Mike Brophy at CBC with a few notes

For those of you who turned the TV off , this offers a few important notes you may have missed. Lupul left the game early with a groin pull, I guess.

ICYMI: Leafs sign prospects Connor Brown and Matt Finn

Good to hear. They'll likely both report to the Marlies next season.

Former players sue league over concussions

Leafs' Rick Vaive and Gary Leeman among a group seeking compensation. Looks like the NFL settled with a number of players not so long ago, so they have a case.

Flyers' possession numbers up, and so is their scoring