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How Toronto And Boston Score, Carlyle's Lineup Decisions, NHL TV Rights, Predictive Stats, And A Smile

Today's links cover the best t-shirt ever made, tonnes on the Sportsnet-NHL deal, and Bo Jackson.

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"Trust me, your band is breaking up"
"Trust me, your band is breaking up"
John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Spo

Canada Best Links

Canada Best Hockey | Teespring
Don't allow American t-shirt-based aggression go unanswered and look sharp while fighting back.

Maple Leafs Links

Time To Turn The Page
Someone isn't a fan of Carlyle's lineup decisions

FanPost: How Toronto Scores
If you haven't read it yet, do so. A breakdown of how the Maple Leafs are generating their offence

FanPost: How Boston Scores. And How Toronto Scores. Compared.
The second installment: Comparing how the Maple Leafs and the Bruins score their goals

Leafs Notebook – November 26
Anthony Petrielli offers some thoughts on the recent Leafs news and play

NHL TV Rights Links

Rogers reaches 12-year broadcast deal with NHL worth $5.2-billion
Deal fundamentally reshapes the sports broadcasting landscape in Canada

Rogers Controls NHL Hockey Broadcasting in Canada
Whatever happened on the ice on the night of November 25th became instantly irrelevant with the news of the new agreement between the NHL and Rogers Communications.

Backhand Shelf Podcast: 10 minutes with Steve Ladurantaye, Globe & Mail media reporter
More info on the big media news of the day

Hockey Nights in Canada: Viewing the sport north of the border will never be the same
Justin (I always want to write Jason) Bourne offers his thoughts on the deal

General Hockey Links

Testing the Predictive Value of Expected Goals vs Other Metrics
Examining some metrics' ability to predict future performance with an interesting note on the Leafs at the end.

Is Fenwick Close a Consistent Predictor of Winning?
If you like math then this is for you. Otherwise, it's gobbledygook

Everybody is the next Chris Pronger
Either draft analysts are lazy or there are a loooooot of Chris Prongers out there.

Thoughtful Tuesdays: Has Jonas Gustavsson Finally Turned a Corner?
Well, this will be an interesting story to follow this year

A Link To Make You Smile

Bo Jackson Surprises Paralympian Who Idolized Him As A Kid
This is a pretty great surprise.