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Mittenstringer Of The Year 2013 - This isn't 'Nam. There are rules.

It's time to pick the 2013 Mittenstringer of the Year.

They'll lose their precious mittens without 'em
They'll lose their precious mittens without 'em

It's that time of year again when sports fans from across Canada can put aside their team allegiances and focus their efforts on mocking one common enemy: the journalists, columnists and MSM-affiliated bloggers who write about sports in Canada.

We will determine 2013's Mittenstringer of the Year in much the same way we did last year, with readers submitting their choices via twitter (please use the hashtag #MOTY13 when submitting your nominee and one article/column) or here in the comments. We'll then have a runoff vote to determine the readers' choice, which will help the undemocratic cabal here at PPP determine the winner.

One change from last year: We want to ensure that the winner is a sports writer, not just a regular news person who takes a stab at idiotic sports-writing every once in a while. You see, if we were to allow any newsroom hack who occasionally dabbles in sports-writing to be eligible for this award, we would have to rename it The Rosie DiManno Award for Being Rosie DiManno and build some kind of time machine and go back to 2007 and start giving her the award every year.

We already built one time machine, and we aren't doing it again.

Entries will be accepted until Friday, December 20th, and the runoff will take place during the week between Christmas and New Year. We'll announce the winner in the first weeks of January. As in previous years, the winner will receive a burning paper bag on their front doorstep and a coupon for a free sandwich at Arby's.