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[LL] Deathcember Back-to-Back

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"My puck. Mine."
"My puck. Mine."
Claus Andersen

The Leafs played LA last night, and they'll play St Louis tonight. Oof. Expect Reimer to start, but I don't know that we'll see many more lineup changes. Keep an eye on how much Gardiner plays after hitting 26 minutes last night. Here are some links:

Last night's game recap
Written by yours truly.

Leafs refused to approve Rogers NHL deal: Cox
Cox with a decent piece on Leafs ownership and the Rogers NHL deal. I'm not sure why the NHL was opposed to one vote against. I wonder if this conflict also lead to some deal that TSN keeps referencing. Also mentions that Bell led the charge against Burke before the lockout season resumed.

Story Time: Sam Gagner Helps a Hockey Fan Heal
An unconfirmed reddit story, yes, but y'know, you want this one to be true.

St. Louis Blues’ owner weighs in on the rising cap’s effects upon mid-market franchises
Talks about a need to "staying competitive" and "competing with teams that spend to the cap."

Tampa Bay’s Richard Panik gets 2-game suspension for boarding Karl Alzner
At least the league is being consistent...

Jared Cowen suspended two games for head hit on Zemgus Girgensons can tell because there are so many suspensions going around. Such a good deterrent.