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Badvent Keeps on Rolling

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Game Recaps



2014 WJC Preliminary Roster
Courtesy of the best country in the world.

Who'll Emerge As the Star of the Series?
DGB looking at 24/7.

LFR7 - Game 32

Leafs Need a Statement Game
That's not really going to do much good.

Five things Brian Burke taught us at his press conference
That hair!

It was more of the same as the LA Kings unleashed the impenetrable Martin Jones on the Toronto Maple Leafs, whose fans have had enough of Jonathan Bernier.

Capital Letters: In Defense of the Defense
The Capitals track zone entries. Stupid nerds.

Canadians have invented a better beer pong
This is called Alcohockey and if you're of legal drinking age you should be playing it right now.

World juniors 2014: Jonathan Drouin’s health among key questions
Drouin's health status, combined with the possibility Canada could still add two more players, hangs over the team

NHL power rankings: Los Angeles reigns as King
Some shooting regression from the Kings brings them to the No. 1 spot in this week's power rankings, as our previous top ranker faltered.

Recap: Blues Rake Up the Tired Maple Leafs 6-3
From the other side of the aisle

How to bring shot quality into player evaluation
Can we improve on Corsi by factoring in shot location and type?

Does new NHL playoff format punish best teams?
Lambert's got some thoughts