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Leafs Get Dominated By Blues, Game Ends 6-3

The Leafs gave up 22 shot attempts and three goals in 20 minutes, and despite a pair of goals and a deflection, the game stayed ugly for the last 40.

This is the most visible Clarkson has been in weeks.
This is the most visible Clarkson has been in weeks.
Dilip Vishwanat

Short and sweet, this game was unwatchable after about fifteen minutes of play. By the end of the first, the Blues had 22 shot attempts to the Leafs' 9, had chased a goalie from the net, and had basically put the game away. Here's your game in six:

The Leafs were missing their number one defenseman, coming off a hard back to back, and, as we know: not a team capable of regularly competing against the Blues, even on a good day. Kadri and Kulemin put up goals in garbage time (read: any point after the 20 minute mark), and JVR got a goal after Pietrangelo skillfully, uh, kicked/deflected/ass-shot the puck into his own net. Brian Elliot did what he does best - post a terrible save percentage against Toronto - but the team in front of him dominated play.

There isn't a lot to pick apart individually here. There were a few Leafs that kept their head above water in terms of possession (the Lupul-Holland-Kulemin line and Rielly), Fraser got crushed in possession despite heavy offensive zone starts, and the goaltending got victimized (Reimer saw 15 shots in 16 minutes, Bernier took the L because win-loss is a dumb way to evaluate goaltending). David Clarkson dropped the gloves, because the best way to make a contribution to a struggling team is by taking yourself out of a game - I knew his 10 straight game streak was unsustainable, though.

Anyways, did you make it through the whole game? Leave some thoughts in the comments and stuff. Deathcember marches on, and the Leafs will play the Blackhawks on Saturday night, before a back-to-back against the Penguins on Monday and the Panthers on Tuesday.

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