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All I Want For Christmas is a New Head Coach

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Beautifully unwrapped links


The Leafs Nation


Leafs now on pace for 84 points.


No Surprise
Dave Poulin is on the radio so much he must really love the sound of his own voice. That or Nonis has agoraphobia.

Leafs Prospect Update
Kids playing hockey.

Should Teams Pay Goalies Big Money?
Sometimes but not as much as they do.

The Venn Diagram of Hockey Hatred
Hey look! It's us!

LFR7 - Game 35

Leafs Loss Against Panthers a Tipping Point?
I doubt it.

Bringing hard numbers to Canada's goalie debate
Who will start in goal for Canada in Sochi? After examining those best equipped to perform under a heavy workload, we're left with seven candidates, including some surprising names.

The 10 Worst Mistakes of 2013
Quite the list of screw ups

Sharks Gameday: A Farewell to Donald
I'm leaving behind my full-time job and with it the most infuriating co-worker and friend I have ever known.