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Saturday Leafs Links

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Apologies that the site was down last night. We're back up and running now, though!

Claus Andersen

Jonathan Bernier expected to be available for tonight

We don't know yet which goalie will start tonight, but you have to think Carlyle would want to play it as safe as possible, given that he can still rely on Reimer.

Playing to not lose

Hope In The Big Smoke thinks Randy Carlyle isn't coaching to win.

Steve Dangle Podcast

Holy cow, an hour and a half?

Pain in the good ol' hockey game

This is a great infographic by CBC that shows which parts of the body NHL injuries have affected so far this season. The knee is apparently the most injured spot, though that's only if you separate the head from the brain... uh, categorically speaking.

James Reimer backing up his words

Reimer joins HNIC Radio hosts Rob Pizzo and David Amber.

Shane Doan has Rockey Mounain Fever


Line brawl erupts between Canadian and American women

This was just a "friendly" leading up to the Olympics. It was also Kevin Dineen's first game as coach.

Andrei Markov's reputation outstrips his play

From Tyler Dellow at SportsNet.