The Buds Hockey PodCast - New Leafs/Hockey Oriented Talk Show

I've been reading and following PPP for a long time and finally decided to sign up and participate. My friend and I recently decided to start our own Podcast to talk Leafs hockey. I'm starting to follow analytic stats a lot more, plus I'm opinionated and I like to talk so why not. Hopefully you guys enjoy and follow and give it a listen. We're doing this entirely on our own time and making no money of this, so keep that in mind, if I sound stupid.

The Buds HPC - 001 - Frosty Leafs

This podcast runs about an hour and a half, we go through the Leafs past week. My co-host sets me off after he calls James Reimer inconsistent. We discuss the team's identity, the play of Morgan Rielly and Peter Holland. The upcoming WJ and the Olympics, and I touch on why I think the Leafs should have overpaid Leo Komarov instead of signing David Clarkson

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