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[LL] Post-Christmas Lull and the World Juniors

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Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

There isn't any NHL hockey on today, but you can watch the World Juniors Tournament. Canada plays Germany, Norway players Russia, the Swiss play the Swedes, and the Czechs will play the US. Leafs prospects Fredrick Gauthier (CAN), Fabrice Herzog (SUI), and Andreas Johnson (SWE) will all be playing at forward for their countries, so now's your chance to get a quick look into their game.

Get any Leaf-themed gifts for Christmas? I got a pair of tickets to Leafs at Caps, and will get to go to Toronto to see an ACC game at some point this season. Also I got a copy of "Leafs: Diary of a Dynasty, 1957-1967" - anyone read? I feel way behind on my Leafs history, so I'm looking forwards to it. Not much in the way of links, but have at 'em:

Shawn Thornton suspension upheld by NHL; does Bettman’s appeal ruling validate 15-game ban? | Puck Daddy - Yahoo Sports
Puck Daddy with the update.

Twitter / joshweissbock: Toronto Marlies On/Off Ice GF%
It doesn't include SVP and uses GF instead of SF, but always interesting to get any statistical analysis of the AHL level. I shouldn't really be posting this, though, because it doesn't say anything nice about Tyler Biggs' hitting or defensive game.