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Badvent Gets Off To A Bad Start

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The holiday season didn't get off to the best start but your day can get kicked off right with these links

Game Recaps

Leafs Nation



Kadri Not to Blame for Leafs Struggles
A good look at Kadri's production this year and why it's dropped from last season. Who could have ever predicted it

Which Team will Eventually Overtake Leafs for Last Playoff Spot?
Lambert's a jerk.....and probably right.

Bozak on the PP point. Ugh.

Your Graphic Guide to 2014
Buy stuff because it's funny.

The San Jose Badvent Candy Tasted Awful
Oh.......that's why.

A Brief History of NHL Coaches Behaving Badly
Coaches are jerks.

Close-range shots and predicting future outcomes
Shot differential is a common metric for assessing teams. Do we do better if we focus on the close-range shots?

A need for speed set the stage for Sharks' substantial transformation
Try not to weep while reading this story on the Sharks.

Billet families in the USHL
Families who welcome promising young players from far and wide. Quirky hockey communities born in the heartland. Is this teenage hockey heaven? Nah, it's Nebraska.

Never Change, Canada
Why is the decision on PK Subban so fucking difficult?

Antoine Roussel Goes Backhand Shelf, Taunts Chicago Fans
Roussel does Kane's celebration and people aren't happy

Gino Odjick Hospitalized, Has Lingering Concussion Issues

A troubling story