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Saturday Leafs Links

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Get chatty.

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A mourning Kadri, Liles called up, Rielly to Malmo?

This and that from the Leafs Nation.

HITBS not a big Jay McClement fan

There is really no way he should be playing with Kessel.

The Maple Leafs Of My Youth

Michael Langlois is coming out with an e-book.

Cory Schneider incorrectly called for trapezoid violation, Wings score 5 seconds later

That's what you'd call a lucky break for the Leafs.

Gustavsson makes a lucky save

That's really all this is, but what's more shocking is his .928 Sv% in 10 games this season. It's bound to fall off (almost any goalie is capable of going hot), but still surprising.

The State of Canadian Goaltending

A must-read piece from James Mirtle.