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Morning Links: Leafs Win, Reimer and Scrivens, Mike Kostka, and more

Your daily dose of morning links features Optimus Reim, Alexander Ovechkin, and powerplay rankings

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Tom Szczerbowski

Last night, I watched the Leafs game live. Then, I watched highlights of the game another three times. Today, I'll likely watch them again another three or four times. When the Leafs put together a game like they did against Washington (the power play aside), you just have to drink it in all day. Bask in the glory that OH MY GOD WE PLAY BOSTON TOMORROW WE ARE SCREWED OH SO SCREWED TOTALLY... Hey, wait.

Say, Phil, you wouldn't by any chance feel like breaking out of your slump statistiluck nightmare with a four or five goal game, would you? Just think about it, that's all I ask.

For now, let's just enjoy the fact that rather than cough up a lead, our favourite team actually turned the tables on a talented squad, and picked up two points rather handily.

On to the links.

Recap: Leafs 3, Caps 2 - Japers' Rink
I've got to hand it to the folks over at Japer's - their work is always comprehensive.

Contextualizing Phil Kessel's "struggles"
Struggles, they ain't. From Cam Charron at The Leafs Nation.

Leafs Ice Time Game Situations
Cool stuff from Gus Katsaros at TLN. This would be an interesting thing to track more of.

Optimus Reim & Scribbles
Steve Dangle likes them a lot.

Reimer (and Luongo) far from a focal point as Leafs win again
James Mirtle with a recap.

Leafs home win a sign of better times ahead
I don't really believe so, but I'll take any positivity from the MSM I can get. This from Tim Wharnsby at CBC.

YTMND - Ovi Skates
Oh yes, this happened. From our own Garbovsky in the comments of last night's game recap.

Michael Langlois: We can stop referring to Mike Kostka as an AHL’er….
Well, I won't, for now.

The Friends with Numbers Podcast, Episode 3
Title speaks for itself.

Ranking the 10 most fear-inducing powerplay units of 2013
What, no Leafs? Ha. From Justin Bourne.