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Morning Links: Bonus It's Good To Be Alive Edition

When you are looking to while away this lazy Sunday why don't you peruse some of our lovely links.

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"Thank God that didn't happen to us"
"Thank God that didn't happen to us"
Richard Wolowicz

Here Are Your Tear-Stained Links

About last night …
Mike Boone is basically ready to give up on the season

Leafs embarrass Habs 6-0 in fight-filled game
"Bloo bloo Leafs beat us up and scored a lot"

Canadiens vs Maple Leafs Top Six Minutes - Bag Skate Edition
The despair comes through

Le Canadien humilié par les Maple Leafs
"Le bloo bloo"

Game In 10: Game 12, Leafs 6 at Habs 0
A quick recap from Mislav

Puck to Carey Price: "Olé Olé Olé Olé Olé Olé"
Cam Charron with the scoring chances

Leafs’ rout of Habs turns into melee
Harrison Mooney is a horrible Habs homer.

Marlies Win 4-2 Over Chicago
Jeffler watched the Marlies win too!

Has that elusive "team toughness" finally arrived in Toronto
It helped more that the Leafs were just flat out better at hockey. The fights were a sideshow that was fun to win.

For Jets fans, and many Canadian hockey fans, it’s a case of "Leafs and"
A really good take on the crowd at the Jets-Leafs game

Watch the Bakersfield Condors condor go wild on ice before game (VIDEO)
Looks less like 'crazy' and more like "trying to get away from the horrible noise"