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Morning Links: Kessel Rumours, Rivalries, And More Fallout

This heaping helping of hot links will help you get amped up for tonight's Leafs-Flyers game.

Jamie Sabau

Flyers are on tap for tonight. Here are your links.

LFR6 - Game 12: GraBITEski
Steve Dangle is a wordsmith's wordsmith.

Bob Cole: The Voice that Divides Us
Toronto Mike loves that senile old man.

Of Bawlers, Brawlers, and Biters
So much whining.

Toronto Maple Leafs: Pugnacity, Testosterone, and Truculence
Let's not get crazy here; it was against the Habs.

With the Leafs Flying High, Forget the Rumors
If you were Nonis, would you trade Kessel.

FanPost: You're Not My Rival, Buddy
You know what I hate? I hate it when you put yourself out there, emotionally, and the other party just plain refuses to reciprocate.

9 year old tries a shot from centre ice to win $5,000 (VIDEO)
Did it go in? Would I have linked it if it didn't?

Thomas Vanek is league’s early surprise amid Sabres’ struggles
Imagine if Regier had not reacted emotionally and had let him walk for Edmonton's four first round picks...

Nasty: Datsyuk splits the Kings “D” and goes top shelf
Pavel Datsyuk is pretty good.

Dear Fan in Detroit: you’re doing it wrong
Probably not as embarrassed as Prust's mom.

Did Mikhail Grabovski bite Max Pacioretty?
Cam weighs in and we're on the same page

Marlies Unable To Mess With Texas
Jeffler recaps yesterday's loss