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A Leafs Game Through and Through: Toronto Maple Leafs 5, Philadelphia Flyers 2

It was the perfect game for a Leafs fan: An opponent with history, a trade revisted, a Leafs landslide, and a frightening injury.

A happy place

The biggest event that happened this game: James Reimer was injured. It looked terrible, but Carlyle says the team expects him to avoid any "extended" injury team. Hopefully the Leafs will get their starting goaltender back shortly, and will avoid pulling the trigger on any trades that would push Reimer down the depth chart (y'know, like a Luongo deal).

Luke Schnen got a point on the opening goal, just 38 seconds in to the game. Flyers fans started chirping, but got silenced when Phaneuf hammered an answering goal past Brizgalyov. Colton Orr knocked in a Frazer McLaren shot on goal. Cody Franson, Nazem Kadri, and Matt Frattin connected to tip in a goal, which Kadri followed by setting MacArthur up in the slot with a beautiful saucer pass. JVR reminded everyone that Luke Scnhen is more turnstyle than tenacious, and the Flyers' MCgynn scored the "game's over" pity goal.

Kadri looked great - a key player in two of the Leafs' goals. He and Frattin continue to excel against softer competition. Scrivens came off the bench and looked "Scrivensy" - he fell behind the play, fell on his butt several times, but put up 32 saves to keep the game in the bag. Cody Franson saw 17:48, with shifts on both the PP and the PK. Holzer was ejected in the second when he boarded Grixou, although it was a minor penalty when Giroux hit Kessel similarly. The PK looked great as it killed off a 5 minute major with no goals against.

Shout out to Randy Carlyle for the funniest thing he's done this season: With the score 5-1, Colton Orr's line took a power play shift. They took a penalty to negate the power play, but what a great way to reward the stone-fisted goal scorer while avoid running up the score.

Here's the game in six:

But also enjoy Luke Schnen's take on the JVR trade.

Toronto plays against the Hurricanes on Thursday. Hopefully we'll have some more information on Reimer following additional tests tomorrow.