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[Tuesday's FTB] James Reimer Injured But Leafs Beat Flyers

The netminder's injury likely spells the end of the Leafs' playoff hopes.

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My nightmares

If you haven't already heard, the Leafs are in trouble. James Reimer got hurt last night on what looked like a pretty innocent play, but is expected to miss significant time. Here is a link from

Leafs’ Reimer leaves game against Flyers with injury
The Leafs are probably screwed. From the CP via the Globe.

PDO numbers by NHL team - Feb 11
It doesn't look good for the Leafs. From Cam Charron.

Maple Leafs scoring chances update through 12 games
From Cam Charron at TLN.

Michael Langlois: Is this Leaf surge a mirage? Not necessarily….
I think it is, especially now that Reimer is injured.

Marlies Hot & Cold: February 4th to February 10th
Joe Colborne has been doing well recently. Tim Connolly? Not so much.

A Blizzard Of Moves - February 4 to February 10 Transactions
A recap from the week that was from Brent Morris.

Watching TV sport is just horse play on ice
Hilarious commentary from England's The Telegraph.

Mikhail Grabovski won’t be suspended for biting Max Pacioretty, and that’s fine
You're darn right, it is. From Justin Bourne.

Taking a look at quality of competition in the NHL
NHL Quality of competitoon is driven by line matching and not zone starts. From David Johnson.

Grantland grab bag: Oh god what did Don Cherry do to his dog?
The latest from DGB.

Cheering for a bad team is oddly therapeutic
Jake Goldsbie learns to identify with Leafs fans.