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Morning Links: Ian Laperierre, Mike Kostka, Meteors, and PDO!

Morning does of NHL and Maple Leafs links on Mike Kostka night, the Leafs' 3-1 loss to the Hurricanes, mandatory visors, and more!

Grant Halverson


The Blues, The Kings, a low PDO, you know the rest
The Leafs are mentioned!

Interview: Talking with Ian Laperierre about sexual assault
Good post. Think the problem can in large part be attributed to the original writer's awful command of the English language and their ham-fisted handling of the topic at hand.

Canucks’ Malhotra done for the year over concerns about his eye; retirement to come?
This was a shame to hear.

Let’s just go ahead and do the whole mandatory visor thing, NHL
If you don't shield your eyes at least then you're an idiot. A friend deflected a slap shot right into his mouth last Sunday. Or he would have if he had not been wearing a full cage. Smarten up.

There's Semin everywhere! Recap of Leafs' 3-1 loss to Hurricanes
My favourite part about these recaps is the moron that has a hard on for Orr and McLaren.

Despite loss in Carolina, Leafs should be a handful going forward…
Hopefully some players can come back from injury.

Guest Post: Confessions of a Zamboni operator
I wanted him to admit that he traded rides for favours with puck bunnies. Still, a nice look at things.

Traktor Arena, home to KHL’s Traktor Chelyabinsk, closed due to meteor damage
Maybe the next time I wish for a meteor to wipe out two teams and their fans that it may come true.

Game in 10: Game #14, Canes 3 vs. Leafs 1
The quick and dirty recap of last night's game.

Carolina Hurricanes 3, Toronto Maple Leafs 1: Game 13 Recap
The Hurricanes' point of view.