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Parade Planners Podcast Episode 1

Look out, because there is actually going to be a regular podcast here at PPP. We're just not all that good at it, yet.

Quinn Rooney

What Is This?!

After dealing with some of the technical issues involved in bringing a new podcast to PPP, I'd like to belatedly introduce the Parade Planners Podcast. For the foreseeable future, I'm going to be posting a podcast every Monday (except today - woo Family Day!) with different contributors, girlfriends, and other basement-dwelling types as a weekly event, unless PPP, Chemmy, and mf37 actually get around to recording and doing it themselves. A minor league podcast, if you will.

Yesterday I was joined by Danny Gray (a.k.a. @ACatNamedFelix and Steve Burtch (@SteveBurtch) for our first show.

Topics Covered In This Inaugural Podcast

  1. Are the Leafs are good as their record right now? Most advanced stats say 'no.
  2. What effect(s) is Randy Carlyle having so far?
  3. What will the impact be of a healthy Carl Gunnarsson and a promoted Jake Gardiner?
  4. Tyler Bozak, and a series of unfortunate numbers.

(In case you're wondering, that's Basement Jaxx in the above photo, and three people I can only assume are girlfriends dancing with her.)