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Morning Links: Scrivens, Prospects, French Stuff, Some Purple Stuff, Hey! Sunny D!

Links from a bit all over.

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Read These Links And The Time Will Pass

The Pain Game 2013 - First Quarter Report
A detailed examination of injuries around the league and their salary cap effect.

Week 4 Playoff Probabilities
What are the odds your team makes the playoffs? Note: This was before the Leafs' latest win!

Leafs Prospect Update: February 18th, 2013
Rielly good. From Justin Fisher.

Siegel: Assessing the value and future of Phaneuf in Toronto
With a few comments about Phil Kessel as well.

L'affiche choquante...
Hahah, well done.

L'évolution des casques
Oh, don't be such a baby. Even though the article is in French, the photos aren't. A cool series.

Marlies Hot & Cold: February 11th to February 17th
Poor Tim Connolly. From Kyle Cicerella.

Introducing new ways to visualize advanced hockey stats
Nice. From David Johnson.

Ranking the Top Tournaments in Olympic Hockey History
DGB's latest at Grantland.

Don’t look back, someone might be gaining on the Leafs…
Michael likes a lot of what he is seeing

Game in 10: Game #16: Leafs 3 at Panthers 0
10 bullet points about last night's game

Ben Scrivens earns second straight shutout in win over Florida
Kevin McGran raves about Scrivens' performance.