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Weekend Links: Kessel, Nonis, True Talent, and more!

These helping of links leans heavy on dirty hits, phantom calls, a team's true talent, and more

Ernesto Ruscio

Don't sleep on the Jonas/Mirtle podcast. It is flat out great. The latest covers Kessel's competitive spirit (makes it seem more likely he'll leave if the team stinks), every aspect of the Leafs, Carlyle's player usage, Frazer McLaren, and the dream of a useful fourth line. The only issue is Jonas thinks Gustavsson is an NHL goalie and he thought Maurice didn't deserve to be fired.

Links links links links

Maple Leaf Musings: Kessel's Slow Start Not Unusual
Maybe Kessel just gets the January blahs like the rest of us.

Changes released Thursday across SB Nation
Sidebar changes, bug fixes, and an update on comments.

A Brief History Of Dave Nonis
BCP looks at some of Nonis' moves and their outcomes. Not a bad body of work.

The Dirty Tackle: A full not half Nelsen
Catch up with TFC's comings and goings

Randumbness? The new NHL is less predictable than you think
Cosh writes a good article building on a couple of posts to follow that the NHL's regular season IS important and that this 48 game season is what we already knew: a total crapshoot.

Sabermetric Research: Luck vs. talent in the NHL standings
This is interesting. Would love the math people's thoughts

Sabermetric Research: How much luck in a shortened NHL season?
It's a lot!

The Quiet Room: Cruddy injuries around the league
Official Doctor of the Blog Jo Innes breaks down some injuries

Preparing yourself for games on back-to-back days
Bourne's looks at being a pro are pretty good.

NHL lockout-shortened season: Life preserver for coaches on the hot seat?
This is what I thought would help Burke out this year

David Backes ejected vs. Red Wings for phantom hit to head; NHL season’s worst blown call? (VIDEO)
Thought it was a late hit but that was a missed call.

John Erskine’s reckless elbow on Flyers’ Wayne Simmonds; guess the suspension (VIDEO)
This was a filthy hit. Should be 10-15 games but it'll be about 2-4 probably

Expansion seems like a very bad idea, unless you’re the NHL (Trending Topics)
But boy, it is coming!