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Why Was Boston's Goal Waived Off?

The NHL's Situation Room provided a full explanation for why the Bruins' second goal was disallowed.

Fuck Brad Marchand.
Fuck Brad Marchand.

In the second period, the Leafs were lucky to be saved from a 2-0 deficit thanks to a questionable call by the referee's. Since their microphones are so useless, most people do not have a clue why the goal didn't count. Luckily, I'm here to help everyone out. From the NHL Situation Room's blog comes a detailed explanation for the call and why there was no review:

BOS @ TOR - 6:30 of the Second Period

At 6:30 of the second period in the Bruins/Maple Leafs game, the situation room initiated a review because the puck went into the Maple Leafs net. The referee was in the process of whistling the play dead following the incidental contact between Brad Marchand and James Reimer and prior to the puck entering the net because Reimer was unable to play his position following the contact. This is not a reviewable play.

Thanks to @YakovMironov for the image in the post