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Jake Gardiner Come On Down!

This man apparently merits 12+ minutes of icetime.
This man apparently merits 12+ minutes of icetime.
Joel Auerbach

Here's hoping.

Here be your links

Game 17 in 10 (MLHS)

I sure hope Carlyle and Noni read #8.

Tampa Defeats Toronto in Hockey Game

If you want to call it that, sure.

Leafs Already Playing Playoff Hockey

If by "Playoffs" you mean "First Round Exit by Sweep", then yeah Playoffs.

Elite Eight: The Best Defensive Forwards in NHL History

Keon makes the list.

Other Letters that NHL Teams Have Sent Their Fans

DGB doing what he does.

Thoughts on Thoughts: Sock and Safety

Bourne does some talking to Friedman's 30 Thoughts.

The Quiet Room: Shut Your Filthy Mouth

Your food hole is a disgusting place.

So Why Exactly are Hockey Checklists So Expensive?

Because they're checklists.

Hockey Players Say the Darndest Things

Yup, Ben Eager is dumb.