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Goaltending, We Hardly Knew Ye - Tampa Bay Lightning: 4, Toronto Maple Leafs: 2

The Toronto Maple Leafs dropped a game to the Tampa Bay Lightning, as offense, defense, and goaltending all showed their issues.

Putting Colton Orr on his wing ensures that you'll never see something like the picture above.
Putting Colton Orr on his wing ensures that you'll never see something like the picture above.

The Lightning opened the scoring when Tyler Bozak left a pass for Benoit Pouliot in the defensive zone, who sent it to Lecavalier for a 1-on-0 with Scrivens. Grabovski would answer after Lindback fails to glove a shot by Kulemin. Did you know that it's bad to leave Stamkos alone in the slot? The Leafs D didnt - Phaneuf and Holzer both chase Bolts behind the net, and Komarov doesn't get back in time to pick up the Rocket Richard winner, who puts it 5-hole on Scrivens. The Leafs fail to break out of their own zone, as Holzer and Dion can't seem to decide whether the puck is being passed or cleared. Instead, it's turned over and Scrivens allows an unscreened point shot by Killorn. Matt Carle sealed the game with a lightly screened point shot on the power play. Scrivens would be pulled, and Jussi Rynnas would come in. JVR would score a tip on a sick Kessel wrister, and the Leafs generally looked to be buzzing in the last 5 minutes of play, but too little too late. Your game in six:

It was a bad night for Scrivens. A short side goal, a five-hole goal, and two shots from the blue line. Two of the goals were on incredible chances, and to his credit, but you cannot allow a five-hole goal or a short side goal in the NHL. He was off his mark on the Lecavalier shot, and missed the puck on the two blueline chances. He deserved to be pulled, but still has 4 GA in his last 3 games. It's hard to get mad when we knew he'd give up a game at some point, and playing him for all 3 games in the last 4 days is a rough workload, but it doesn't make his night any better. Hopefully we'll get Reimer back soon.

It was a bad night for the Leafs' D. As much as Scrivens allowed ugly goals, the defense allowed some terrible chances. Phaneuf and Holzer behind the net? Lecavalier completely unmarked? It was a poor game for them. Play in the defensive zone, despite our oh-so-defensive coach, was poor.

It wasn't a great night for the forwards. Tyler Bozak had a couple of awful giveaways, and continues to play below the skill level of his linemates. Colton Orr was given 11:40 TOI, but didn't do anything to protect Kadri in a scrum with Hedman because enforcers aren't a real thing.

In positive notes for the forwards, Jay McClement saw 15:01 of total TOI, with a whopping 7:54 of it on the PK. Yes, that also means that Jay McClement saw less even-strength play than Colton Orr. Kadri was a threat the whole night, and continues to be creative. Maybe Randy Carlyle likes Kadri so much, he's trying to test what Kadri can do with one less linemate. It was a good night for the reunited MGK line, who generated some chances. JVR played well, too, and seems to have enjoyed crashing the net and learning how to sit on goalies' faces. He's going to be a fun part of the Leafs offense going forwards, and is currently the Leafs' leader in goals, just three back from the league leader.

The Leafs can't really afford to drop games like this, but given the injuries, the back-to-back, and the southeast-on-a-tuesday rule, it's hard to feel like this was any sort of must-win.