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[Thursday's FTB] Zone Entry, PDO, And Other Fun Stats

Oh, and we've got a couple other links about hockey.

Joel Auerbach

Still can't believe Lindy Ruff was fired. Such strange timing being so out of the blue. I'm starting to wonder if "Moneybags" Pegula isn't going to ruin the team by trying the high-cost quick fix too often.

Definitely check out the Eric T. article about Zone Entry - it looks really cool, though if you've already got your daily dose of despair, maybe don't look at the Cam Charron article. It doesn't predict good things.

The Toronto Maple Leafs' looming PDO demon (what is PDO?)
Boned. From Cam Charron.

Zone entries and the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference
Whoa. From Eric T.

Michael Langlois: Maybe the most "famous" loss in Toronto Maple Leaf history....
It's probably not the one you're thinking of.

Russian Roulette
Tyler Dellow wonders if there is a way to use Nikolai Khabibulin without hurting the team too much.

Backhand Shelf Podcast: Brian and Ryan O’Reilly, Habs in 1st, Sabres in trouble and more
The latest from JB & Co.

Lindy Ruff has been let go by the Buffalo Sabres
Pretty shocking, really. Article from Justin Bourne.