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Maple Leafs - Sens: Game Preview

It's the battle of the lame duck and the wounded chicken.

Bruce Bennett

OK, so maybe the Leafs aren't a lame duck (I mean, no question that the Sens are the wounded chicken), but the losses of Joffrey Lupul, Matt Frattin, and James Reimer are nothing to sneeze at, either. In case you haven't already head, Randy Carlyle had a gem of a sound byte today, perhaps his best so far in this season, when asked if his team was leery of an injury-riddled Sens team:

We just haven't made as big a splash about our share of injuries. Our media isn't allowed to do that, I guess.

In other news, it appears that Colton Orr will not be returning to the lineup, which suits me just fine, as David Steckel is always a preferable option in my opinion.

If you watch the above video, Carlyle states that we'll all have to wait until warmups to see which of Ben Scrivens or Jussi Rynnas will start the game in net for the Leafs, but apart from that, no other roster changes have been reported, so for the moment we'll assume that it will look a lot like it did against the Sabres.

Go Leafs Go.