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Parade Planners Podcast Episode 2 - Matt Frattin, Scrivens vs Reimer, and Randy Carlyle

Are the Leafs' goalies really this good? What is Matt Frattin going to bring back to the table when he returns from injury? This and more in the latest version of the B Squad podcast.

Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

This week, I was joined by Adam (@draglikepull) and Steve (a.k.a. Bower Power or @So_Truculent) to discuss several aspects of the Leafs' progress so far this season. You'll notice we had precious little to say about Saturday night's game in Ottawa, but hey, can you blame us?

Topics covered in this episode:

1. James Reimer and Ben Scrivens: are the Leafs' goaltending problems history?

2. Matt Frattin: aside from pushing Colton Orr down the lineup, what do we expect from him upon his return?

3. Quality vs. Quantity: have Carlyle's Leafs been able to keep shot quality down?