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Morning Links: Bring On the Lilliputians

Links to help start your game day off on the right foot.

Vet says my horse needs a backiotomy.
Vet says my horse needs a backiotomy.
Dan Kitwood

Here there be links

Toronto Marlies Makeshift PDO
Not so great.

In Which Randy Carlyle Encourage Idiocy
Yep. Lovely.

LFR6 - Game 20
Naz can Pazz. Oh Dangle.....

Who is the Most Surprisingly Leaf for You so Far this Season?
Colton Orr. Why is he is a Leaf?

Playoff Race|
Leafs are middle of the pack.

2013 NHL Mock Draft
The Jones-MacKinnon-Drouin

Handicapping the 2013 NHL Award
Beauchemin with the Norris nod?

Journalistic standards in reporting of the Te’o hoax: Q&A with Deadspin’s Tommy Craggs
This is just a fantastic interview.

Who will win the Michael Ryder for Erik Cole trade?
Trick question: It's no one because screw both teams.

NHL drops '4 conference' realignment plan
Friedman with all of the details on realignment.

Should the NHL adopt bigger nets?
As usual, whenever changes are discussed to the NHL landscape, increasing scoring is on the agenda. One thing that refuses to die is the idea of bigger nets.

Refs’ Perspective: Authority and the Ref: How to Dodge a Hail of Cookies
Sometimes it's important to stand your ground

What’s The Rush?
It's not important to rush Reimer back. Or Frattin. Let them heal.