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Maple Leafs 5 vs. Islanders 4: Post-Game Reaction

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The Leafs win! GIF GIF GIF!

Bruce Bennett

  1. Nazem Kadri scored his first professional hat trick other then the one he notched in the training camp intra-squad game. More on this to come.
  2. Dion Phaneuf scored the overtime winner after a monstrous shift by Mikhail Grabovski.
  3. The Leafs pissed away a 4-2 lead on two goals that came on defensive errors and some gorgeous shots.
  4. James van Riemsdyk scored his 12th goal of the year after only scoring 11 in 43 games last year. Good thing he held off or we might have had to trade some value to Philadelphia for him.
  5. Franson and Fraser were on the ice for almost every goal scored tonight. High event players I guess.
  6. James Reimer didn't look 100% especially when he was playing the puck. Got some help from the posts too.
  7. Thank Christ the Leafs didn't blow this game. They need every point because Philly and NYR are lurking...