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Morning Links: Leafs Lose, Dion's Struggles, Goalie Controversies, And More

The Leafs' loss last night to the Hurricanes stung, but at least the Buds have the chance to come back strong against the Capitals tonight. Maybe Carlyle will re-think some of those lineup decisions.

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Here are your links:

Staal'd - Leafs drop 4-1 Monday nighter to Carolina
Scoring chances from Cam Charron.

PDO numbers by NHL team - Feb 4
Well, this is one stat that doesn't have the Leafs at the bottom. From Cam Charron at NHL Numbers.

Maple Leafs player usage chart: February 4
Again from Cam Charron at TLN.

Why Dion Phaneuf's Slump Won't Last
From Ron Guillet at Maple Leafs Central.

Marlies Hot & Cold: January 28th to February 3rd
The latest from Kyle The Reporter.

Mirtle: Maple Leafs blueline looking thin minus Gunnarsson
Yyyyyep. From James Mirtle.

This Week in NHL Goalie Controversies
Down Goes Brown with his latest post at Grantland.

Remember When NHLers Played In Europe?
The latest from Dirty Dangle.

Note-worthy: tracking time-on-ice around the NHL
Even Justin Bourne is confused by how much Carlyle is playing Mike Kostka.

Backhand Shelf Podcast
From Justin Bourne & Co.

The Rats Are Taking Over The Game
A new stat called Rat PIMs. I like it.

FanPost: Leafs Need to Improve; again
Remember, be constructive.

Game in 10: Game #9, Canes 4 at Leafs 1
Alec recaps last night's game.

What the Maple Leafs looked like when they won
Some pictures from the City of Toronto's archives

Watch time-lapse video of Soldier Field change from football field to hockey rink (VIDEO)
It would be pretty cool to see the Leafs do something like this eh? EH!?!

Game 8 Recap: Hurricanes 4, Maple Leafs 1
Canes Country liked the game more than us.

Toronto Maple Leafs Blown Away By Carolina Hurricanes 4-1
Editor In Leaf's recap of the game