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Morning Links: Leafs Beat Worst Team in Hockey

Hey, the Leafs won! Consume some delicious links!

Greg Fiume

Here there be links.

Game #10 in 10
11 - Washington may be the worst team in the East this season.

Holzer Daddy
Leafs beat Caps 3-2, but you already knew that.

Early Season Special Teams Efficiency
Leafs are near the bottom.

Leafs Prospect Update
Looking OK I guess.

Revisiting When Elite Prospect Breakout
It's Kadri's time.

The Subtle Things I'm Seeing from Randy Carlyle
He apparently yells a lot.

Ways Phil Kessel is Dealing with his 9-game Scoring Slump
Well it's 10 games now so.....

Seriously, What's the Deal with Mike Kostka's Icetime?
Nobody has any good answers.

Shortest Systems Analyst Ever
The Toronto Maple Leafs ladies and gentlemen.

Wasting Linus Omark
A valuable player was left to rot while the Oilers toiled as the worst team in pro sports. Why?

Dispatches from a Goaltending Controversy: Mike Liut Edition
Uh oh...

Recap: Leafs 3, Caps 2 - Japers' Rink
Another home game, another loss, as the Caps fall to the Leafs 3-2.