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Maple Leafs At Canadiens: Sad Habs Fans Cry About Class, Exhibit None

The Toronto Maple Leafs, somewhat surprisingly, went in to Montreal and basically ran them out of their own building while Leafs fans hooted, hollered, and saw the Heroes dominate in every facet of the game. Some Habs fans, however, didn't really enjoy the game...

Before tonight the Montreal Canadiens were 5-2-0 at home and were among the elite teams by possession statistics so it would not have been unexpected to see the Toronto Maple Leafs get beat in Montreal. Turns out, the Leafs had different plans as they obliterated the Habs in every aspect of the game. They blew them out on the scoreboard and Conn Smythe is smiling in heaven at the sight of the Leafs physically dominating the Habs. The Leafs didn't start any garbage but they sure as hell finished it. But this isn't about recapping the game. We'll get to that fun later. No, this is about having a little fun.

You're going to be surprised by this but there are some really awful people on the internet. No, it's true. Now, I'm not going to say that all Habs fans are like these people because I know some really great ones. Having said that, pour yourself a drink, pull up a chair, and get ready to el oh el.

A special glove tap to @LOLMontreal for tracking down most of these. They've re-tweeted a bunch more so feel free to check him out and send some choice replies to any you find particularly offensive.