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Morning Links: Chris Neil Boarded Then Knees, Kaspars Daugavins' Shootout Attempt, and Mikhail Grabovski Rules

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Your daily dose of morning links including of videos of both dirty hits that Chris Neil was involved in, a throwback shootout attempt, and a defence of Mikhail Grabovski.

Grabbo No Like Feschuk, Has Look Of Pineapple
Grabbo No Like Feschuk, Has Look Of Pineapple
Rick Stewart

Click, Read, And Be Merry

A note on Mikhail Grabovski's production
My favourite part of this is the ending.

NHL Owners By Winning Percentage
The numbers behind the best and worst owners in the NHL, laid out for all to see.

PDO numbers by NHL team - Mar 11
Go Leafs Go!

Kadri & Co.: NHL Impact Analysis of Top-10 CHL Forwards
This is a follow up to a look at CHL Defencemen

Preying on the Weak
Is there anything the Leafs can pry out of Phoenix?Preying on the Weak

Is there anything the Leafs can pry out of Phoenix?

McQuaid pushes Chris Neil violently into boards
Neil wasn't hurt, but will the league take a look at the play?

Chris Neil injures Chris Kelly with knee-on-knee hit
Dirty play or incidental contact? Sure looks like his 'accidental' head shot on Grabovski from a couple of years ago.

Kaspars Daugavins went Phil Bourque 2.0 in the shootout and failed
I applaud this move wholeheartedly

Backhand Shelf’s best GIFs of the first half
Not bad but there's a long way to go before Scott Lewis can match up with Jon Bois

Woodwork hit four times with a single shot...
This is cool from a local Greek football match.

Scott Timmins of AHL San Antonio gets drunk
This isn't as destructive as Matt Frattin or as playful as Jay Rosehill but neither of them were almost murdered. Yikes.

Trading Jarome Iginla: It’s a rather delicate situation for Calgary Flames
As Harrison points out, is Feaster the guy you want doing this?