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[Thursday's FTB] Links On Carlyle, Gardiner, Grabovski, And Kulemin

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A smattering of links from all over the league. Please enjoy responsibly.

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Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Jake Gardiner's agent just delayed his return; the Maple Leafs face their most pivotal game of the season

A few thoughts from Michael Langlois.

Chris Kelly broke his left tibia in Chris Neil collision; Bruins forward out indefinitely
I think I hate the Bruins enough to wish injury on their players, but I also hate Chris Neil enough to hope that he's suspended. Story from Greg Wyshynski.

Carlyle facing key questions over Grabovski, Gardiner as Leafs hit skids - The Globe and Mail
And as poorly as he acknowledges his NHL team has played in a couple recent outings, the Toronto Maple Leafs head coach is adamant he’s not going to change “the template” he set out. Story from James Mirtle.

Down Goes Brown: Grantland: A midseason look around the NHL
I like to give DGB's site a few hits, so take the extra step through his site to Grantland.

Los Angeles Kings: Masters of puck possession - Broad Street Hockey
Oh, and by the way, the Kings are still 14:1 in Vegas. Not as juicy as last year, but still a good bet. From Eric T. at Broad Street Hockey.

Making Lemonade Out Of Lemons: Internal Fixes For The Leafs Lineup
Curt S has a few potential solutions, though I disagree with his Tyler Bozak solution.

The Calgary Flames might trade Jarome Iginla this time I swear
If they dont... the ghost of Mats Sundin's NHL career will haunt them forever. From Ryan Lambert at BHS.

The Quiet Room: Blake Geoffrion
“I love the game of hockey more than anything and this decision tears me up inside,” Geoffrion says, “but we are talking about my brain.” Article from Jo Innes at BHS.

Backhand Shelf Podcast
JB & Co. discuss dirty hits, a few Pittsburgh-related issues, and more.

NHL teams should think twice before pulling the trigger on long-term contracts
I would think they consider these things from more than one or two angles, but then, hey, some contracts still look ridiculous. Article from Justin Bourne.

Why. (Flames 5 - Red Wings 2)
I'm only linking this because the reason "why" is Jonas Gustavsson, and I think we could all use a laugh. From Winging It In Motown.

A Canadian girl's hockey blog
Let The Gardin(er) Grow, says Stephanie Taylor-Baptiste.

Stop Whining: Fighting Is a Crucial Part of Professional Hockey
Vice: A hipster magazine with a strangely traditional take on fighting.

Why The Leafs Should Free Jake Gardiner

From James Mirtle.