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Morning Links: Leafs Lose Again, Re-Alignment, And Crosby Is Pretty Good

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Your daily dose of links about the Leafs, Sidney Crosby, and NHL Re-Alignment to help you through your morning.

Claus Andersen


Leafs Outplay Pens; Lose 3-1
The line with the worst Scoring Chances +/- had the most icetime. The line with the best had the least. Figure that shit out.

NHL Realignment, She is Done
I'm calling the divisions: Snowbird, Megalopolis, Flyover, and Earthquakes and Weed.

Game 28 in 10 at MLHS
11 - What's the point of dressing a 4th line if they're only to play 2 minutes?

Leafs Can't Close the Deal Against the Pens

An overview of modern hockey stats
In part 2 of Eric T.'s stat primer, he looks at the stats that shed light on individual player contributions and where modern analysis is headed.

Maple Leafs Acquire Kevin Marshall from Washington for Nicholas Deschamps
Just another terrible downgrade in this trade line.

Expensive Fourth Liners
mc79 shows it's not a good idea to have them.

Measuring Sidney Crosby's Season-to-Date Against the Greatest of All Time
That boy good.

Farewell and Adieu to you Fair Spanish Lavvys
Vote of confidence is the kiss of death.

NHL Logos get Minimalist Treatment
Not bad.

Where Are the Yankees I Loved to Hate
Fuck the Yankees (clap clap clapclapclap)

Optimizing an NHL Roster: Edmonton Oilers Edition
This is pretty cool

Sports And A Crisis Of Bad Faith
Why we watch sports