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You again?

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The Leafs play the Jets again tonight - this time with Lupul and without Steckel.

Dion smashes. It's just what he does.
Dion smashes. It's just what he does.
Marianne Helm

Yesterday, the Leafs traded away David Steckel, who went from 20-minutes a night to the press box, all under Carlyle. I imagine it had something to do with his footspeed, poor play as a winger (see: footspeed), and the overlapping skillset, as Steckel has only been better than Kadri and 0.4% better than McClement on the faceoffs. It could be a sample size issue, or an adjustment to the stupid new hand-on-the-puck rule, but Interim Head Coach Randy Carlyle is not a man of large sample sizes - he knows everything about you after just two games.

The Leafs play the Jets again tonight, this time at home. Expect to see Lupul play in his first game back since breaking his forearm eight weeks ago. Here are this weekend's links.


Lupul returns, Rielly coming to T.O. | Toronto Maple Leafs
Morgan Rielly will join the Toronto Marlies. I saved a game from my AHL lockout package just to watch a game with Rielly and Percy (and in an unexpected and unwanted surprise: Gardiner).

Around the League:

Saluting the awesome Texas Stars Military Appreciation Weekend jersey (PHOTO) | Puck Daddy - Yahoo! Sports

Camo jerseys - I like the shoulders.

Canucks to Wear Millionaires Sweaters
Includes goalie masks, too.

Jacques Caron: The Longtime Goaltending Coach of the New Jersey Devils - In Lou We Trust
Devils honoring their goalie coach, who's been with the team for twenty years.

Canadiens sign Desharnais to four-year extension

Desharnais signed to 4 years, 3.5M avg. But a reminder: you'd have to be a moron to think Desharnais is comparable to Grabovski.

Coyotes lock up Ekman-Larsson for six more years - - News
OEL extended for 6 years, 5.5M avg.

Let's all laugh at the Sabres links:

Mikhail Grigorenko sent back to juniors by Buffalo Sabres - Die By The Blade
Still burns a year of his ELC.

Sabres Send TJ Brennan To Florida For Draft Pick - Die By The Blade

Give up 23-year old AHL producing D-man for basically nothing. (hdb link)