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Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Winnipeg Jets: Three Questions With Arctic Ice Hockey

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The Toronto Maple Leafs are looking to hold off the Winnipeg Jets tonight only a few days after a meek capitulation at the MTS Centre. What is in store for tonight?

Why would anyone in Winnipeg hate Evander Kane?
Why would anyone in Winnipeg hate Evander Kane?
Marianne Helm

The Toronto Maple Leafs host the Winnipeg Jets tonight and in anticipation I answered some questions from the Winnipeg Jets blog. Then I turned the tables on them and asked my own. Here are Trevor Maughan's answers that he presumably ran past his new wife. Ps congrats bud!

1. Anyone in Winnipeg want to get rid of Evander Kane for 'being a bad tipper' or for being too 'brash' lately?

It's the craziest thing -- apparently if you rank amongst Winnipeg's team leaders in goals, assists, hits etc. fans tend to leave you alone. Heaven forbid Kane had a slow start to the season because fans would use these "transgressions" to explain his on-ice ineffectiveness. He recently posted a picture on Instagram ( in which he was wearing an Atlanta Braves hat so I'm surprised he hasn't caught shit for that yet.

2. How many points will the ex-Leafs get tonight?

I'll go with three: one power play goal by Nik Antropov and two assists by Kyle Wellwood. That's hinging on Randy Carlyle continuing to dress the knuckle-dragging duo of Frazer McLaren and Colton Orr though.

3. How come the Jets have a bad record at home if their fans are so great?

It's a good question since Ondrej Pavelec seems to do his heaviest drinking on the road. I would assume that with the heavy influx of Leafs players has taught the team a thing or two about being mediocre at home.