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Everything's Worth More in a Shortened Season

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The Leafs are struggling and the short season magnifies their problems.

Claus Andersen

It's only five games right? Well yeah, but in this shortened season games are worth more. Going off the easy ratio of 82/48, 2 points over 5 games is the same as ~3.5 points over ~9 games. To put that into perspective, it was an 11 game span in which the Leafs only earned 3 points that led to Wilson's firing. Just some food for thought.


LFR6 Game 29 - Lupul Fiasco

Dangle's obviously lobbying for a job with

Grading the Leafs Fairly

Needs more Ds and Fs.

When Hockey Sweaters Go Green

If you buy these you are a stupid person.

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Caps fans be crying.