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[Tuesday's FTB] The Leafs' PK, Line Switching, And More

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I've got to warn you - this is not a cheery bunch of links. This losing streak has folks in a grim state of mind.

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Claus Andersen

Michael Langlois: Grading the Leafs, Part II—the forwards

I guess it's report card season over at VLM - have your say.

NHLNumbers Predictive Power Rankings, 3/17/13
Oh hey, we have a shot at first overall. From Derek Zona.

Toronto's Penalty Kill Success - Can It Last?
Well, that depends - is there a God? More good news from Derek Zona.

PDO numbers by NHL team - Mar 18
A five-game losing streak has seen the Leafs' PDO drop to... 6th in the league. Oh boy. From Cam Charron.

Marlies Hot & Cold: March 11th to March 17th
Tim Connolly: 19 GP 9 Pts. Rough. From Kyle Cicerella.

Face-off losses key to Grabovski move to Leafs’ third line

Down Goes Brown: The NHL misery watch
"A wise person once told me that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. After several years of living in complete silence, I realized that person was an idiot and I became a hockey fan instead."

The Penguins roll, Sabres self-destruct, Jake Allen thrives & more
The latest Backhand Shelf Podcast.

Canadian team desires NHL-level centreman: Foreigners with funny names need not apply
"there’s another centreman on a Canadian team who, though he is an effective hockey player, does not see the ice time he is due thanks to an overbearing coach."

Five Leafs thoughts to begin the week
A few thoughts to kick off the week

The absurdity of Colton Orr
"Nothing like jumpstarting Mikhail Grabovski by letting him play with a possession black hole."

Jets Trade Targets: Nikolai Kulemin
"The Jets top line of Ladd-Little-Wheeler have been over 50% in corsi % this year (meaning more corsi events for than against), but against Kulemin through three games, each player is at 35% or lower. Kulemin's line effectively shut them down."

30 Thoughts: Many GMs feel trade deadline too inflationary
Elliotte Friedman with the latest instalment of 30T.