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Komisarek requests trade

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Mike Komisarek hasn't dressed for an NHL game since February 2nd. After being a healthy scratch for 14 consecutive games, and several last season, it looks like Brian Burke's big offseason acquisition in the summer of 2009 wants a change of scenery. TSN's Darren Dreger reported on Wednesday that Komisarek and his agent would begin looking for a possible trade destination for the 31 year-old defenseman.

News broke early this afternoon, courtesy of Andy Strickland, that Komisarek has in fact submitted a list of twelve teams to which he would accept a trade.

Komisarek has one year left on his contract with a cap hit of $4.5 million (his actual salary is only $3.5m). Whether or not the Leafs can actually find a taker for Komisarek without retaining part of his salary is the big question. If not, it's likely Komisarek will be the first Leaf bought out this summer under the new CBA's amnesty clause. Whatever the resolution, Komisarek has likely played his last game as a Leaf and will go down as one of Brian Burke's greatest blunders as GM of the league's greatest franchise.