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Mike Komisarek Waived

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Per TSN, Mike Komisarek has waived his no movement clause and has been placed on waivers by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE

Per TSN:

Mike Komisarek has agreed to waive his NMC which allows him to be placed on waivers. Theoretically any other team could claim him for free although I'm guessing they probably won't.

We heard earlier that Komisarek's agent wanted the Leafs to explore a trade and we all laughed and said "anyone can have him for free, I doubt there'll be takers". That'll be put to the test in the next 24 hours.

A lot of people hated the Komisarek signing from the start. I was hoping we were getting a tough d-man from a divisional rival that wanted to retain him but it just never worked out like so many of Brian Burke's big UFA moves. Perhaps he was past his prime, couldn't perform away from Andrei Markov or hobbled by injuries/bad luck/poor systems, we'll never really know.

This is PPP from when Komisarek signed:

On the other hand, when I heard that the Leafs had signed Komisarek it was very hard to explain to the other churchgoers why I was yelling "NOOOOOOOO!!!!" during communion.

That said Komisarek was an All Star who didn't kick or scream or complain about being a healthy scratch and constantly booed in his home rink. It didn't work out here and I think we all have something in common with Mike: we're ready to move on.