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[Thursday's FTB] Kadri, Gardiner, Leafs Win

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OK, so it was only the lowly Tampa Bay Lightning, but a win is a win, and it was great to see some of Toronto's younger lights playing well. The links are of a more cheery nature, today.

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Claus Andersen

Leafs’ blueline finally looks whole as pieces start falling into place
I think what Jeff Blair really means is "the Leafs blueline looks less crappy".

Kadri impresses again as Leafs snap skid with convincing win over Bolts
Kadri. So hot right now. Kadri. From James Mirtle.

Recent moves will change up the Marlies’ blue line…..again
Dallas Eakins has a good problem on his hands. Story from Kyle Cicerella.

The Toronto Maple Leafs have placed Mike Komisarek on waivers
Of course you've already read about it, but here is JB's take.

Michael Langlois: Jake Gardiner’s triumphant return…
Over at VLM, ol' Mike is pleased with Gardiner's first game back.

Three questions about the Toronto Maple Leafs with SB Nation's PPP
OK, so this article at Raw Charge was posted before the game, but it's from PPP, so go check it out.

Nazem beats Steven - Leafs beat Bolts; LeafsNation Recap
Cam Charron with his thoughts on the game at TLN.

GMs still making plans for trade deadline moves
A bit of a fluff feature from Dan Rosen at, though it does include a video with Dreger and LeBrun, which is definitely worth a watch.

Defending Ralph IV: A Barely Numerate Guy Talks About Sample Size
The latest from Tyler Dellow.

Taking a look at QoC metrics
David Johnson with more work at Hockey Analysis.

NHL trade rumors: Could Jaromir Jagr return to the Flyers?
Travis Hughes at Broad Street Hockey has the lowdown.

And here’s the best beard in hockey history
Title pretty much sums it up. From JB at BHS.

The NHLPA will poll its membership about potentially grandfathering in visors
"Would you support grandfathering in visors? - I'm dumb - Yes"