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Preview: Leafs vs. Bruins, Part One

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Cue the "Jaws" theme.

Claus Andersen

Knowing well in advance that the Leafs are once again going to get smashed by an all-around superior Bruins team, it takes a real Leafs fan to watch. Only the bluest bleeders (haemophiliacs, we must be) would line up time and again for this kind of show. Oh, does my pessimism upset you? Well, let's hope Nazem Kadri and the kids can prove me wrong.

Phil Kessel is hot lately, with 10 points in his last 6 games, but in 20 games against the Bruins, he has only scored 9 points. In fact, in their previous 3 meetings, he's only mustered 7 shots, and no points. Here's hoping Dr. Phil comes to the rescue in this one.

Unfortunately, the Leafs will still be without Joffrey Lupul, even if the disciplinary process seems to be a confusing one:

The Leafs will also be without Leo Komarov, who was placed on the IR earlier today:

This is actually something of an unfortunate loss, as Komarov is one of the few players on this Leafs' team with the ability to really get nasty. Of course, if he is going to play on the 4th line, there is only so much he can do, anyway. Ryan Hamilton will play in his place.

James Reimer starts tonight, once again as per Siegel:

Go Leafs Go.

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