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Goalies Suddenly Not the Scapegoats

New, comments trying to give me a bad name here? trying to give me a bad name here?
Claus Andersen

But I thought the goalies sucked?

Here are you links:

LFR6 - Game 32

Seriously, someone at just give this kid a job already.

Who is the Next Leafs Captain; Lupul or Kadri?

Neither. Phaneuf will outlast Lupul and Kadri will never wear the mantle.

Leeman Snaps a Stick

This and more Leafs photogoodness at Vintage Leafs.

Iginla Submits List of Teams He Would Accept Trade To

Boston, LA, Chicago, and Pittsburgh

Guy Boucher the Latest Scapegoat for a Bad GM

As usual, Lambert is right on.