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Introducing the Pension Plan Puppets Positive Playoff Probability Push Post

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As we get close to the end of the season we're going to track the Leafs as they close in on their goal of making the playoffs.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Good afternoon Leafs fans. We enter the day sitting nicely in sixth in the conference:


Right now 9th place, the Islanders, is on pace for 48 pts in a 48 game season but Carolina right behind them is on pace for 50. Let's tack an extra win on and say the Leafs need 52pts to make the playoffs the season.

With 14 games remaining the team needs 12 points, so a record of 6-8-0 would put them into the dance.

What are we rooting for tonight? Easy. While I'm not convinced about their probability numbers, Sportsclubstats tells us what the outcome of games in our conference means for our playoff chances.


Strangely enough tonight we're rooting for home teams. Go Leafs, go Senators, go Flyers (!!!1), go Penguins and go Florida.

Six wins.