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Not Holding Off On Holzer

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Your daily dose of Toronto Maple Leafs and NHL news.

Grant Halverson

Here be your links.

Toronto Re-Signs Korbinian Holzer to Two-Year Deal
As Cam points out, this could be yet another mistake in the Leafs trends of bad re-ups.

Optimus Reim Showing Off His Autobotian (groan) Heroics in 2013
Yeah buddy.

Leafs Notebook- March 5
Catching up on the Leafs.

NHL Top 5 and Bottom 5 Players After 6 Weeks
Kadri, so hot right now.

The Baddest Man in the Whole Damn Town
mc79 looks at toughness and winning the cup.

Can We Please Stop Defending Indefensible Hits?

2013 NHL Mock Draft - Seth Jones to Columbus
Max Domi to the Leafs?

Marc Staal Gets Hits in the Eye with a Puck
Wasn't wearing a visor because that'd make him a pussy.

Ex-Leafs Gustavsson Trying to Slowly Rebuild His Career in Motown

Sophomore Slump - RNH Apocalypse Edition
Oilers fans can take a breath over RNH

Mike Brown vs. Ben Eager - Who Is Worse?
Which one is better? Which one has more of an impact?

Magnus Paajarvi - #7 In The Top 25 Under 25
I wonder if there is a way to wiggle him free from Edmonton...

Shots are getting so hard some NHLers are upping their paw protection
Now they've added a glove pad after adding extra pads to their skates.

Alleged abuse of students at Shattuck-St. Mary known, not reported
Wow, this is the school that Sidney Crosby went to and the story is insane. More blind eyes turned to abuse.