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Morning Links: Leafs Win, Oilers Stink, Flyers Are Dumb, And Life Is Good

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Your daily does of hockey links to help you get through the day.


"Never in doubt" - Toronto hang on for 5-4 win vs. Ottawa
Cam's recap has a really cute comment. I like the effort. That's commendable. Not sure about the conclusion though.

FanPost: NHL Player Safety: What Are We Waiting For?!
A look at just what it will take for the players to change their perspective

Game in 10: Game # 24, Leafs 5 vs. Senators 4
The Toronto Maple Leafs beat the Ottawa Senators in the alley and on the ice in the first period and survived a late push on the way to a 5 – 4 win

A trip to the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, where everybody trolls the Flyers
Eric T traveled to Boston for this year's Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, or as we'll alternatively call it, Trollfest 2013. Great quotes from MacT

Oilers Failing At The Little Things
Like their general manager, the Oilers skaters can't get the little things right. What makes us think they can get the big things right?

Hit Somebody
Comparing teams' records between when they are outhit and when they are outshot.

The Statistical Relationship Between Hits, Shots, and Points
This is a really interesting look at things.

Maple Leafs Penalty-Kill
Pro scout Gus Katsaros break down the Leafs' PK with numbers (gasp!) and observations (the cheek!)

Capitals vs. Bruins - Tracking puck possessions
Cam's looking for some help.

Stompin’ Tom Connors, creator of ‘The Hockey Song’, dies at 77
Sad news..but not so sad that Ken Fucking Campbell, one of the last rats on the sinking HMS Hockey News, couldn't use the shocking news to get a dig in at Leafs fans for not CHEERING WILDLY AFTER IT WAS ANNOUNCED.

Cox on Luongo, mask on Schneider, and Jensen on the way
Cox couldn't even get his story straight on his own twitter feed. What a joke.

The Quiet Room: Stingers Suck (just ask Brad Richards)
Jo's a closet Leafs fan and writes really good medical posts.

Examining the five penalties with no signal, according to the NHL rulebook
The church and the steeple suggestion for too many men is FANTASTIC

Chris Pronger opens up about the loss of his peripheral vision, and retiring on his own terms
Pronger was an absolute beast. Can't believe JFJ couldn't bag him from Edmonton. Sigh.

Classic Leafs pictures
If you haven't visited in a while, Vintage Leafs has been putting up some great pictures recently.

On Daniel Alfredsson
Think he has to make the HHoF and it would be weird to see him traded.