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Leafs @ Bruins Gamethread

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3 Questions with Stanley Cup of Chowder's Cornelius Herdleberg

1. Claude Julien today called the Leafs' a 'legitimate contender'. Why does your coach lie so much? And what do you think of that?

Claude is a big fan of politicking in front of the media. Unlike a former goaltender of ours, it doesn't get him in nearly as much trouble. So of course he's going to say the leafs are "legitimate." Speaking of goaltending, that's probably why he says anything about contending: he knows just as well as anyone how a good goalie can drag a team to the cup. Wait, is Reimer American? Hmmm.

As for what I think of his lies, he's doing whatever it takes to get the Bruins wins, and it seems to be working. Far be it from me to question his methods.

2. What is making the Bruins so infuriatingly good this year? Who is playing well/poorly?

Well for one, Brad Marchand is scoring at a billion percent clip. They seem to be gritting out one-goal wins, and don't like it when the score is a 3 goals difference in either direction. When they do lose, they tend to do it in regulation. As for people playing poorly, there's a reason nobody is shedding a tear over Chris Bourque on waivers. He's been pretty bad. Shawn Thornton is in sharp decline, as well, and I'm really happy he's working on his broadcasting skills. Because the media needs more guys that dropped the gloves for the Bruins. Enjoy him on the TSN panel in a couple years.

3. Why does your team and your fans get a free pass compared to the Flyers?

Because we won the cup, bitch. Our football fans never threw batteries at Santa Claus. Though, if I had to pick between the "violent" and "racist" labels, I'd probably swap with Philly. Boston fans also don't have "sign guy" which honestly I chalk up as a detriment to our fanbase.